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[OneShot]; 2 Cute Bunny! Introduction

Okay. Aku buat oneshot baru. Ini lah lol. Feeling on going ._. k forever tak reti cut gambar lol -_- cut ke apetah ahah. Malas lah nak taip panjang. aku nak letak charactersnya je pun hahaha == 



{YOON BO MI}: Happy go-lucky? LOL. A school student. Cute, cool and sometimes friendly. Hate Mathematics very much but she think, she will improve in Mathematics when learn from Zelo. Sometimes she call Zelo, 'Totomato'.

{CHOI JUN HONG | ZELO}: Very clever in Mathematics. Always get 100% in exam. Younger brother of Daehyun. Zelo's hobby is dancing and rapping. In love with her adopted noona, Bomi . XD Zelo's bunny named is Totomato.

{JUNG DAE HYUN}: Zelo's Brother. Same age with Bomi. Envy with his younger brother because he can teach Bomi. " Why I not clever in mathematics?? Hmm! " always said that words. Don't know Zelo in love with Bomi. Daehyun's bunny named is Kekemato.

k ._. grammar aku ._." entah betul ke tak ._. Oh oneshot nih tentulah aku buat dalam malay ._. 

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